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Although a four-year college degree is often essential to professional success, it is not always the only option. And frankly, the traditional college education is not for everyone. In many cases, students come out of a four-year program deep in debt, with dismal job prospects and with low starting salaries.

So, what is the alternative to a four-year degree? Get training to earn a certificate. Certificates or licenses are available for a number of trades and professions, and they generally exceed the pay for entry-level jobs that require a college degree.

For example, Airline Ground Schools, a division of Flamingo Air, is one of the largest FAA-approved aircraft dispatcher certification schools in the world. Flamingo Air has campuses in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Miami, Florida, and the company is currently negotiating a new campus in Dubai, India.

According to academy president Sharon McGee, students can earn an aircraft dispatcher certification in less than six months at Airline Ground Schools. It is the quickest and most cost-effective FAA certification course available.

“The industry is hiring like crazy, and the average entry-level salary starts at $50,000,” stated McGee.  “The Certified Aircraft Dispatcher program is a 200-hour course. However, 152 of those hours can be completed online at your own pace. Students only need to spend six days on campus to complete the program.”

Airline Ground Schools also offers an Avionics course using the same style of education, certified by the National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies(NCATT). Six hundred hours are required to earn the primary certification for an aircraft electronics technician. Four hundred of those hours are completed virtually; the remaining 200 hours of residency lab work can be accomplished in about four weeks. Avionics Electronics Technicians start with an average salary of $55,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For more information on Airline Ground Schools or other aviation education programs, call Flamingo Air at 513-321-7465 or visit:

About Flamingo Air

Since 1991, Flamingo Air has been taking future professional and hobbyist pilots on their next adventure. Located at Cincinnati’s historic Lunken Airport, Flamingo Air is home to Sightseeing Tours, Flight School, the world-class Airline Ground Schools and its newest program, Worker Bee Drone Training. For more information, visit, or contact them at 513-321-7465 or

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