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Drone training offered for law enforcement agencies is relatively new. However, these training classes can help law enforcement not only learn proper procedures for drone operations, but also understand how unmanned aircraft could benefit their departments.

Drone use is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, and law enforcement users must follow the same requirements and operating rules as business users. The release of Part 107, the FAA regulations governing drone operations, gives users legal permission to fly. But operators still need to be trained on the proper procedures, and they must learn how to safely operate these unmanned aircraft.

“Even those in law enforcement must be appropriately trained and FAA certified as remote pilots before their drones can be used in the field,” said Dave MacDonald, President of Flamingo Air. “These training classes are critical because they teach officers not only the correct and safe ways to fly drones, but also how to determine if a drone operator is flying in an illegal manner.”

Drones can be used for a wide range of investigations in law enforcement, including:

  • Monitoring large crowds, such as concerts and sporting events
  • Surveying landscapes after a natural disaster, such as a tornado
  • Conducting search and rescue missions
  • Monitoring hostage situations
  • Assisting in suspect chases
  • Searching for escaped jail inmates
  • Documenting crime scenes
  • Re-creating traffic accidents

Drones can be a quick response tool and assist agencies that don’t have a lot of resources on hand. Foot searches on land, for example, take a lot of manpower and time. Drones can significantly cut down that search time by getting an aerial view of a large area before sending dozens of people out to search miles of land. Several lost children have been found through the use of infrared-equipped drones.

Worker Bee, a division of Flamingo Air, is the premier educational facility for drone operations and training, and is now offering programs covering drones from 8 ounces up to the largest fixed wing remote-controlled craft. Flamingo Air/Worker Bee is recognized as the leader in drone training for regional law enforcement, government agencies, first responders and various police training academies.

“Deploying drones can save a police department time, money and resources,” added MacDonald. “That only aids local agencies in enforcing the law and keeping communities safe.”

Further information can be found at or by calling 513-321-7465.

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