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Whether you want to fly for fun, or you’re ready to kick-start an exciting new career in the skies, obtaining your private pilot’s license can take you on your next adventure.

The private pilot’s license is the traditional first certificate. With a private pilot’s license – or more appropriately, certificate — you can fly small, personal aircraft. You then can fly for fun, conveniently travel to various destinations and even bring your friends and family along on a flight.

But there are many more opportunities from there. Once you’ve obtained your certificate, you can work your way up to get other certificates that will allow you to pilot commercial airlines or act as an instructor. So, where can your private pilot’s certificate potentially take you?

Become a Commercial Airline or Drone Pilot

As a Commercial Airline Pilot, you can fly all over the world for a major airline, or become a domestic commercial airline pilot and fly for a regional airline carrier. You also can enter into the world of corporate and business aviation, flying smaller, high-end corporate jets for large corporations and businesses.

A commercial airline pilot is a hot career that is in demand. In less than 10 years, as many as 30,000 pilots will reach the mandatory retirement age of 65. If there aren’t sufficient new hires to replace them, airlines could face a pilot shortage.


Become a Cargo Pilot

Cargo Pilots deliver mail, packages and freight for parcel and cargo companies such as FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service and more.

Become an Agriculture Pilot

Whether it’s seeding a new crop, applying fertilizer, or releasing pesticides, agricultural pilots — or crop dusters — get paid to fly over farmland. These types of pilots also are occasionally hired by local governments to assist with spraying chemicals for pest control.

Become a Tour Guide

Air Tour Pilots take people on “flightseeing” tours over cities to see various tourist attractions and other area destinations from the air.

Become A Certified Flight Instructor

Being a Certified Flight Instructor allows you to teach others how to fly. In this career, you can teach at flight schools, operate as a private instructor, teach at aviation colleges, instruct for airlines and more.

There also are many other ways to earn a living while flying, including:

  • Medical and Air Ambulance Pilots, who fly in various medical situations
  • Law Enforcement Pilots, who are employed by every arm of law enforcement to fly helicopters, airplanes and jets.
  • Fire Fighting Pilots, who get paid to fly aircraft to extinguish fires.
  • Media and Patrol Pilots, who work for broadcast news stations reporting on traffic, as well as covering police pursuits and aerial surveillance.

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