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Foreign Registration Form

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Are you a Licensed Pilot?
Requested Residency Class Date: Once you have committed to a class date, there will be a $250 processing fee charged should you change that date less than 30 days prior to the start of class not to exceed the 6 month limit.
Place of Birth

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Terms & Conditions

  • Please read the following Terms & Conditions prior to completing your registration: Additional Applicable Fees
  • $500.00 fee plus instructor charges to revalidate an expired graduation certificate. The FAA requires revalidation with a minimum of four hours instruction. Instructor fee is $50.00 per hour.
  • I understand that I will pay for shipping and handling fees for books and materials shipped to me.
  • $50.00 per hour of instruction for “sign off” on a failed test report for a test taken at the Flamingo Air Testing Center. A minimum of one hour is required and must be done at the Flamingo Air Academy Campus, by an approved Flamingo Air instructor.
  • There is no discount for retaking a failed class. Prevailing tuition price applies
  • Agreement of Completion Signature:

    I understand and agree that the Aircraft Dispatcher Training Course tuition is $4995.00, plus $500 for the books, materials, general operations manual and the ADX test prep course for a total of $5495.00.

    I understand that I must complete the class within one year of my date of registration.

    I understand and agree that all payments are non-refundable, and that I am responsible for payment of the full tuition.

    Enter your full name in this blank to sign. All tuition and fees are Non-refundable. Flight Training, dispatch training and the Drone Training Program are highly technical, require resources that must be provided for you and are valuable on the open market. You will receive the best training possible. The class space, technical resources and personnel will be dedicated to serving and training you and the other students. Therefore, as stated above attend your training as scheduled or reschedule with permission of the Flamingo Air Academy, because your tuition and fees will not be refunded. *

    I understand and agree that all payments are non-refundable, and that I am responsible for payment of the full tuition before the ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED class date.

    Enter the date you are signing this contract. Usually, that would be today's date.