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Recurrent Training Course Registration Form
Recurrent Training Course Registration Form


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I understand the tuition fee for the Aircraft Dispatcher Recurrent Training Course is $500.00. And I further understand and agree that submission of a debit/credit card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions in lieu of a signature. I hereby authorize Flamingo Air Academy to charge my credit card for fees and tuition as per the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Enter your full name in this blank to sign. All tuition and fees are Non-refundable. Flight Training, dispatch training and the Drone Training Program are highly technical, require resources that must be provided for you and are valuable on the open market. You will receive the best training possible. The class space, technical resources and personnel will be dedicated to serving and training you and the other students. Therefore, as stated above attend your training as scheduled or reschedule with permission of the Flamingo Air Academy, because your tuition and fees will not be refunded.