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Flamingo Air’s Airline Ground Schools Awarded Accreditation for its Avionics, Drone Programs

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Flamingo Air’s Airline Ground Schools has been awarded accreditation for its Avionics and Drone Maintenance and Operations programs. The accreditation is given by ASTM International and the National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT). Airline Ground Schools is the first aerospace and technology school of its kind to be accredited by ASTM.

Airline Ground Schools has applied its unique program of distance learning combined with traditional classroom training to its avionics courses. The result is a global classroom that significantly reduces the on-campus time necessary to earn the basic Avionics Electronics Technician endorsement and beyond.

“We plan to use the same distance learning program that has been so successful with our dispatcher training in our Aircraft and Drone Avionics Technicians Certification Classes, “ says Sharon McGee, Flamingo Air Academy President. “This will allow students to complete a large portion of the required training online, reducing the length of the residency portion.”

Learn how to become a certified Aircraft Dispatcher or Avionics Electronics Technician. For more information on Airline Ground School’s programs, visit or call 513-321-7465.

About Flamingo Air
Since 1991, Flamingo Air has been taking future professional and hobbyist pilots on their next adventure. Located at Cincinnati’s historic Lunken Airport, Flamingo Air is home to Sightseeing Tours, Flight School, the world-class Airline Ground Schools and Worker Bee Drone Training. Visit, or contact

About ASTM International & NCATT
ASTM International is a forum where industry experts come together to create standards that touch every part of everyday life. ASTM standards are the tools of customer satisfaction and competiveness for companies across a wide range of markets. When new industries look to advance the growth of cutting-edge technologies through standardization, many of them come to ASTM International.

NCATT issues certification and endorsements for Aircraft Electronics Technician, Autonomous Navigation Systems, Dependent Navigation Systems, Radio Communication Systems, Onboard Communications & Safety Systems, Foreign Object Elimination, Aerospace/Aircraft Assembly and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Maintenance.

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